Disease Control Technologies donated 500 nets to HBO for the production of Mary and Martha, starring oscar winner Hilary Swank and oscar nominee, Brenda Blethyn. The film was written by Richard Curtis whom has been involved with the fight against malaria through the United Kingdom's Comic Relief effort to raise funds and awareness for charitable causes.  The character, Martha, was inspired by a real mother who lost her child to malaria after volunteering in Ghana.

As reported by USA Today, Curtis says, "I consider it a good thing to get more information and familiarity about malaria out there, so that if the government says we're going to give some money to this thing, it rings a bell with people."  

DCT is proud to be a part of a film that both engages the emotions of viewers as well as informs with the hopes that these two components will encourage support that will save lives. 

Furthering the impact of the film, Malaria No More donated 50,000 malaria treatments to children in Africa with 50,000 views of theMary and Martha trailer on World Malaria Day.

Watch the trailer below