Royal Sentry® Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets

Royal Sentry® LLINs are a protective barrier shielding the people sleeping under them. They are treated with the safe insecticide, alphacypermethrin, to further protect individuals at risk.

Royal Sentry® LLINs kill mosquitoes, as well as other insects. DCT's LLIN's life saving impact reaches further than those sleeping under the bed net. When high community coverage is achieved, the numbers of mosquitos and their length of life is reduced. When this happens, all members of the community are protected, regardless of whether or not they are using a bed net.

Royal Sentry® LLINs have WHOPES approval for use in the prevention of malaria. DCT's long-lasting insecticidal treated nets are economical and effective at preventing malaria. Royal Sentry® LLINs provide up to seven years of continuous malaria protection and provide 30+ wash durability, regaining efficacy within 24 hours of washing. Ease of use is assured with packaging and an active insecticide with no special heat treatment required.

Royal Sentry® Roll Goods and Curtains

Disease Control Technologies provides custom roll goods and curtains to small tailors and entrepreneurs to assist in providing world class malaria protection in their local communities. These products are constructed with the same World Health Organization approved fabric as DCT's Royal Sentry® Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets. Curtain sizes and designs are custom cut and sewed according to the customer's specification.

Roll goods and curtains can be ordered in the standard colors of white, blue and green or custom colors can be created. Standard colors are maintained in stock and will be shipped in 3-5 business days. Delivery time on custom colors will be quoted according to your requirement.

DCT requires a minimum 50 yard roll length in 150 or 180 cm widths for standard colors. Custom colors require a minimum of 2,000 meters and can be as wide as 250 centimenters without seams.