Royal Sentry®Long Lasting Insecticidal Net Performance Specifications

Disease Control Technologies (DCT) Royal Sentry ® brand of LLIN products are manufactured according to WHO specification 454/LN/2. This specification results in the strongest and most durable LLIN product because of both its physical and chemical properties including:

  • Royal Sentry® brand of Long-lasting insecticide treated net products are made from 100% high density polyethylene (composition ISO1833: 1977) offering both value and ultra high performance for malaria prevention.
  • Royal Sentry® brand of LLIN are constructed of 150 denier monofilament yarn (ISO 8388: 1998) incorporating technical grade alpha-cypermethrin complying with requirements of WHO specification 454/TC (April 2006).
  • Royal Sentry® LLINs contain 6.5 times the standard ITN dose of alpha-cypermethrin (content of 5.8 g/kg or 261 mg/m²) that is fully incorporated into the polymer structure of the bed net. This provides a chemical reservoir that yields industry leading wash retention, storage stability and biological efficacy.
  • Warp-knit fabric construction is an optimal 132 mesh size per in² or 20 holes per cm² (ISO 7211/2: 1984) for both superior strength, air flow and personal protection, and is manufactured according to ISO 9000:2000 standards.
  • Royal Sentry® long-lasting insecticide treated net fabric is a tough and durable 45 grams per square meter (GSM) weight.
  • Royal Sentry® LLINs have the highest bursting strength and seam strength (>450 kPa) of all WHOPES approved LLIN products.